November 1st Canzine @ 918 Bathurst St

The butts are coming.

Come out and help me support the @annexcatrescue with your buttpreciation.

preview featuring gabdardesign

he was so welcomed last year, figured I may as well bring sexyturkeylegs back. Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

i think i have a tradition to keep up now.


I'm not trying to add to the hate, but what's so bad about someone saying, "I wish you'd draw X or Y?" If you have amazing skills, other people are going to admire that and naturally want to see you draw things they can't draw. Is it really so wrong to at least by sympathetic of that?



Yes, it’s wrong.

My artistic skill isn’t luck. It didn’t fall out of the sky and land on me by accident. I wasn’t “blessed with talent,” and I’m NEVER obligated to feel sorry for people who think it isn’t fair that they didn’t get picked for the Artist Kickball Team in Heaven or whatever magical lottery you think happens to hand out the Draw-Pictures-N-Stuff abilities on your birthday. I don’t have to feel sorry for anyone. I don’t have to do what they say. I don’t have to listen to them.

I am here. Drawing what I like. Doing it well. And sharing it—for fucking free.

You can take it or leave it.

I support artists all the time. I will encourage anyone who needs encouragement to work hard, keep going, keep being passionate, and to do what makes them happy. I am an awesome art cheerleader.

But my talent comes from me. I’m not wasting it if I don’t do what other people think I should do with it. I’m not wasting it if I don’t make a career of it or draw whatever asshole dudebro thinks I should draw. I don’t have to have sympathy for people who, for all I know, would throw me to the wolves at the fucking drop of a hat the second I even remotely suggest that I’m not totally beholden to anyone who isn’t a jerk to me.

This society needs a fucking makeover. Because it treats artists LIKE SHIT. And it treats female artists even worse.

I am not doing something wrong by doing what makes me happy. I am not a waste for doing what I want to do with my skills. THEY ARE MINE AND I DESERVE TO HAVE THEM AND SO DOES EVERY ARTIST WHO WORKS HARD ESPECIALLY WOMEN.

Illustration for the header image of a new project called IndieCircuit which aims to promote multi-player indie games. This was pretty fun to do seeing as I’m a fan of a lot of these games and developers. 

I’m particularly proud of how the pink archer’s face turned out. 

in the last two days I have some how completely forgotten how to draw. but I suppose that’s the whole idea of the daily challenge right? 

man I suck at this

really quick pikachu for #inktober yeah yeah it’s just digital but I needed to draw something that wasn’t work related!

also i’ve been watching way too much indigo league. ahhhhhh

It’s a cat named Jimmy! Time to party!

Also I’m going to be sending out e-mails to the 30 artists chosen for the Cat-Butt Zine tonight! I wanted to do this sooner but I’ve been sick and half awake the last two days. 

My Store is now OPEN!    

Woah! Hey! I’m pleased to finally announced that I’ve opened up my Storenvy store. If there’s a print or postcard you missed at one of the conventions I was at, here’s your chance to grab one before the holidays! I’m also offering a special offer on pet commissions! From now until December I am doing single pet commissions for only $40! Check my store for more details.

Getting some pet commissions done #art #watercolor #pets #dogs

today’s my sister’s birthday so I drew her flowery disembodied head~

edit: removed the flowery chunks and just threw in some cats. much happier now.

quickie sketch of Sinon from Sword Art Online II before bed. This stupid anime caters to every cheesy desire I love in dumb anime tropes and MMOs. It doesn’t help that Yuki Kajiura, one of my favourite RPG composers also does the soundtrack for the series so it’s just EXTRA dramatic. 



I never do @sketch_dailies much and I totally should! Just a quickie doodle of Poison Ivy I guess? 

I’m really bad at drawing myself which is why I never draw my own profile pictures. But I did it for kinopia anyway!

Also a reminder that my Cat Butt Zine is still open for applications until the 21st! At this rate, I’ll be extending the amount of artists I accept and may have to make TWO editions of the book because there are so many great artists. 

So APPLY NOW and help out our furry buddies! :D