packing for a trip AND a convention always stresses me out more than it should.

and makes me doodle silly things

quick sketch of one of @faitherinhicks characters from her new trilogy The Nameless City. can’t wait to see my favourite lady next week and eat and draw and roll around on her floor playing mario kart.

I wasn’t feeling that old transistor sketch of mine anymore and I wanted to make at least one print for some upcoming conventions. ‘Cept noooooooothing stuck. I kept trying to draw something reflecting how sad the game is. But I wasn’t feeling it. Then I tried to make her badass. Nope.

Then I figured I’d capture that little moment in the break area with the hammock. Cause it’s just so perfect.

I really need to like … finish drawings sometimes, ya know

just a 15 min doodle of the main character from @NecroDancerGame 
I love this game way too much and it’s only in alpha still. i can’t wait to see what else they’re adding when it’s fully released! Will probably finish this up sometime later.

Being out in nature all weekend really makes me want to draw the things I see around me. #sketch #doodle #fish #horse

Convention Schedule for August!

Hey guys! If you’re in Halifax or Toronto this month. This is where I’ll be!


DCAF August 17th - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Fan Expo August 28-31 - Toronto, Ontario

I’ll be sharing a table with Rachel Khan at a287!



AHHHHH! We’re live on Kickstarter! Please go check it out and back us! 

This game looks great. I’ve been following the main artist’s process for so long and it’s fantastic.

gotta go back and forth to my parents this week a lot and for some reason have not been able to find my intuos so had to wrestle with my tablet PC drivers to make the screen’s pen work again if I want any chance of not falling behind work this week. Aghhhh. Feels uber weird but at least the pen sensitivity is going. 

pretty sure I referenced this from the sartorialist. i had it saved from a while back.


You have never finished that drawing of Red from Transistor, have you? :(


not yet! sorry! :( I haven’t really been able to get myself back into that painting lately. if I do, I may redo it. :/ 


woah tifa put those away that’s dangerous

Aaaand one last commission for the night. Notice how much smoother my lines are when I’ve actually eaten, rested and taken in some coffee. #conbravo #art #sketch #ink #cat


Did you know, everyone is blackhaired in JJL except Yasuho & Norisuke

My tumblr artist spotlight for today is 6-heures! I came across her today at #Conbravo and just can not get enough of her colour palettes. Give her some love folks.